iXTREME for iPhone® 5

Sports cameras are super expensive and they only do one thing, but you have an iPhone 5...right? You want to be able to mount it and make amazing, hands-free, wide-angle video...right?  We did too! Now there’s iXTREME®...a bombproof iPhone case combined with the functionality of sports cameras like GoPro®!

iXTREME is a rugged, waterproof, IP64-rated iPhone lens and mounting system. It features an advanced case design that transforms the iPhone into a mountable sports camera that can do everything a sports camera can do, and much more. When sports cameras can text, make calls, send e-mail, edit and upload images and video, navigate, translate languages, and run a jillion apps with interchangeable lenses, multiple mounting points, a kickstand, and a FREE chest harness...they’ll be called iXTREME!

More mounts and new iXTREME 6 design are on the way! Do you want to be the first to hear about iXTREME 6 for iPhone 6? Sign up to the newsletter below. Do you want access to iXTREME in the Australia, the UK, and other parts of Europe? Let us know where you are!

iXtreme Blog

Pro Deals & Street Team

January 23, 2015

iX Pro Deals Progression + Product Discounts = Stoked As a start-up, we want to be creative with how we reach our customers and we need your help. iXTREME Pro Deals let us support you without the risk of "couch lock". By "you" we mean pro and amateur athletes, artists, bands, organizers, promoters, kids, parents, or anyone trying to do something cool. There are no forms or applications. All you need to do is send us an e-mail about yourself, what you're doing or trying to do, and how iXTREME can be a part of it. Send us pics or anything that helps explain your vision. If there's a fit, we send you a 50% discount code to kick things... Continue Reading →

iXTREME World Tour (D.C. to Las Vegas)

November 16, 2014

The iXTREME truck is hitting the streets in support of actions sports and sweet, buttery product innovation! There will be some special stops along the way, contests, giveaways, and special off-the-truck deals. On road, off road, road optional! There will be some AYS?...lots of LOLs...and a bunch of HF.  It's gonna be 6K, sound 2G2BT? FRT? Click for more...
Tell us what you want, because this is for you!

November 08, 2014

Like we've said, we started iXTREME for ourselves, but now we're making it for you! So, what do you want to see? Ask and you may be surprised what you may get! Here are a few questions we've received this week. Click for more...


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