iXTREME for iPhone® 5

iXTREME® is an interchangeable iPhone lens and mounting system that has been designed for the Gs and the groms, athletes and spectators. It's more than a waterproof iPhone case, iPhone sports case, iPhone action sports case,or iPhone GoPro case. The rugged multi-layer design, interchangeable lenses, integrated mounting system, and viewing kickstand make iXTREME the most versatile case on the market. 

The iXTREME package contains the most value we can pack into it. The bombproof Outer Impact Case includes the one-finger-release X-Clip® Multi-Point Mounting System and heavy duty, low profile latches. Sound-transparent waterproof and dust proof portals mean you can also use your iPhone as a phone while it's in the case. A removable, vibration-dampening Inner Shock Liner surrounds and seals the phone while providing access to controls and ports. Combined with an immersive Wide-Angle/Macro Lens, 0° and 90° X-Clip Adapters (for use with chest mount and iX Grip), X-Clip Tripod Adapter, and a FREE Chest Mount Harness, iXTREME is ready to go without the need to purchase additional accessories. The iX logo folds out for use as a viewing Kickstand, and snaps back in place when not in use. The removable Inner Shock Liner can also be used as a day-to-day case, with or without a lens. 

Check out iX Grip, a three-position iPhone monopod that creates the feel of a video camera. Two iX Grips create an iPhone gaming controller and make the perfect steering wheel for driving games.

Comparing iXTREME to GoPro®? You can get iXTREME with the included accessories and save over $300 when compared to GoPro® Hero 3 Silver Edition. Read the full comparison here...

We're also calling attention to the real performance of waterproof phone cases for some very good reasons. You can read more about it on the blog.

iXtreme Blog

The Truth About Waterproof Phone Cases

October 31, 2014

We have been successfully testing iXTREME production samples as fully submersible for some time now, as you can see in the videos. We have also had many people (like, very many) - online and in person - volunteer stories of their waterproof cases failing. This is usually followed by "so, how waterproof is this case?". That is a very fair question.
Are smartphones better than sports cameras?

October 01, 2014

Ask yourself one simple question: When you're out with your friends, what are you taking pictures and videos with? Of course it's your smartphone! Same here for sure(!), but it's not that easy. When you think about it, smartphones have become so much more important than any other device in our lives. It has been said many times that "the best camera is the one you have with you". That's still true, but what about the apps? Did you know that smartphones have saved lives? We bet they will save many more.