iXtreme for iPhone® 5

iXtreme® is an interchangeable iPhone lens and mounting system that has been designed for the Gs and the groms, athletes and spectators. It's more than a waterproof iPhone case, iPhone sports case, iPhone action sports case,or iPhone GoPro case. The rugged multi-layer design, interchangeable lenses, integrated mounting system, and viewing kickstand make iXtreme the most versatile case on the market.

The iXtreme package contains the most value we can pack into it. The bombproof Outer Impact Case includes the one-finger-release X-Clip® Multi-Point Mounting System and heavy duty, low profile latches. Sound-transparent waterproof and dust proof portals mean you can also use your iPhone as a phone while it's in the case. A removable, vibration-dampening Inner Shock Liner surrounds and seals the phone while providing access to controls and ports. Combined with an immersive Wide-Angle/Macro Lens, 0° and 90° X-Clip Adapters (for use with chest mount and iX Grip), X-Clip Tripod Adapter, and a FREE Chest Mount Harness, iXtreme is ready to go without the need to purchase additional accessories. The iX logo folds out for use as a viewing Kickstand, and locks in place when not in use. The removable Inner Shock Liner can also be used as a bumper case, with or without a lens. 

Check out iX Grip, a three-position iPhone monopod that creates the feel of a video camera. Two iX Grips create an iPhone gaming controller and make the perfect steering wheel for driving games.

Comparing iXtreme to GoPro®? You can get iXtreme with the included accessories and save over $300 when compared to GoPro® Hero 3 Silver Edition. Read the full comparison here...

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Press Release: iXtreme® targets the GoPro market

April 18, 2014

New iPhone® case transforms the smartphone into a GoPro® for $300 less than the Hero 3 Northern, VA—Apr. 18, 2014-- “iXtreme can save an iPhone owner over $300”, asserts the creator of the case that is currently launching on Kickstarter. He’s comparing iXtreme and iPhone 5s to the GoPro Hero 3+ Silver Edition® to be fair, "The top-of-the-line GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition is capable of recording the 4K video standard. Although devices capable of 4K playback are priced well out of the reach of most consumers." He continued, “It’s not well publicized that after you purchase a GoPro you still need a MicroSD card and an LCD Touch Backpac® to create the storage capability and screen-as-a-viewfinderexperience we have come... Continue Reading →

The X-Clip Mounting System and iX Grip

March 28, 2014

The X-Clip® Mounting System is a secure and integrated mounting platform that features easy, single-finger release. The system has been designed to be operable by hands of all sizes, as well as hands covered in gloves. Two parts make up the X-Clip system: the integrated iXtreme mounting slots and the X-Clip adapters themselves. The two basic X-Clips are 0° (shown below) and 90°. The attachment base of the 90° X-Clip is turned 90°, so you can be facing sideways on your board and still record the action down your fall line. The 0° X-Clip, 90° X-Clip, and X-Clip Base for GoPro® are compatible with the Free Chest Mount and iX Grip. X-Clips are designed to give an audible "pop" when... Continue Reading →