iXTREME for iPhone® 5

Sports cameras are super expensive and they only do one thing, but you have an iPhone 5...right? You want to be able to mount it and make amazing, hands-free, wide-angle video...right?  We did too! Now there’s iXTREME®...a bombproof iPhone case combined with the functionality of sports cameras like GoPro®!

iXTREME is a rugged, waterproof, IP64-rated iPhone lens and mounting system. It features an advanced case design that transforms the iPhone into a mountable sports camera that can do everything a sports camera can do, and much more. When sports cameras can text, make calls, send e-mail, edit and upload images and video, navigate, translate languages, and run a jillion apps with interchangeable lenses, multiple mounting points, a kickstand, and a FREE chest harness...they’ll be called iXTREME!

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